7.1 The following table gives a range of electric circuit components and their symbols. Study
the table and answer the questions that follow: (14)

7.1.1 Which ONE of the above components cannot be connected in series with other components?
7.1.2 An ammeter measures the electrical current of an electric circuit. Define the term ’electrical current’ (2)
7.1.3 A conductor that resists the flow of electrical current is called a ‘resistor’. Name two factors which influences the resistance of a conductor. (4)

7.2. A group of learners were doing some investigation.They wanted to measure the voltmeter reading across a battery of 2 cells, when this battery is connected to a resistor. They also wanted to measure the current flowing through the circuit.They connected the components as shown in the

Their teacher saw the connections and said that there are two major mistakes in the connection.Their teacher drew a correct circuit diagram for the learners so that they can do the investigation.

7.2.1 Mention the two major mistakes in the connection made by learners. (2)
7.2.2 Draw the correct circuit diagram that the teacher drew for the learners, where there
are no major mistakes. Include a switch in the circuit diagram.

TOTAL [14]


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