Welcome to Physical Sciences Break 1.0 a collection of Science teachers community crafted works in collaboration with other partners in the education sector to bring you assistance you may need for teaching and learning Physical Science for Grade 10-11-12.

“We all heard about the story of Newton’s pleasant experience with a falling apple. It may not be the first time that the great man saw something falling in his life; it certainly was not the first time he saw a falling apple either. An idea, however, dawned upon Sir Isaac Newton when he saw that particular apple falling off a tree in his back garden. It changed the way people perceived the world around them for ever: the theory of gravitation was born”.  source picture by http://www.vivaxsolutions.com.




8 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Will u connect me with someone who is into developing strategies to improve the teaching and learning of natural science .


    1. I am at present working on Natural Sciences but on the material development level and I am afraid i have little contacts unless you search online for Articles and their developers based on your request.


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