Welcome to Physical Sciences Break 1.0 a collection of Science teachers’ community-crafted works in collaboration with other partners in the education sector to bring you the assistance you may need for teaching and learning Physical Science for Grade 10-11-12.

“We all heard about the story of Newton’s pleasant experience with a falling apple. It may not be the first time that the great man saw something falling in his life; it certainly was not the first time he saw a falling apple either. An idea, however, dawned upon Sir Isaac Newton when he saw that particular apple falling off a tree in his back garden. It changed the way people perceived the world around them forever: the theory of gravitation was born”.  source picture by http://www.vivaxsolutions.com.




News articles and Contributions

Programme – IFLA

https://cdn.ifla.org › wp-content › uploads › UP_…


Nominees announced: 2019/2020 NSTF- South32 Awards

https://cimera.co.za › uploads › 2020/04


Besuch aus Südafrika – CeDiS (FU Berlin)

https://www.cedis.fu-berlin.de › news

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Two SA Learners Scoop International Science Awards

https://saasta.ac.za › issues › two_south_african_learners

ISPA applauds top tech teachers | ITWeb

https://www.itweb.co.za › Hardware

Teaching Aids – Teacher and community developer

https://linfordmolaodi.weebly.com › teaching-aids

Who is this year’s ISPA SuperTeacher? – IT-Online

https://it-online.co.za › 2014/09/15 › who-is-this-years-…

ISPA & CoZa Cares Announce Super Teacher of the Year

https://ispa.org.za › press_releases › ispa-coza-cares-ann…

Schooling – Dikuno

http://www.dikuno.org.za › schooling

International Symposium on Robotics and AI 2021

The DLS visited schools in Limpopo to donate books


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  1. Will u connect me with someone who is into developing strategies to improve the teaching and learning of natural science .


    1. I am at present working on Natural Sciences but on the material development level and I am afraid i have little contacts unless you search online for Articles and their developers based on your request.


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