Formal experiment 1: Heating and cooling curve of water



To investigate the heating and cooling curve of water.




Bunsen burner



Chipa Thomas Maimela‘s insight:


Place some ice in a beaker.

Measure the temperature of the ice and record it.

After 1 minute measure the temperature again and record it. Repeat every minute, until at least 3 minutes after the ice has melted.

Plot a graph of time versus temperature for the heating of ice.

Heat some water in a beaker until it boils. Measure and record the temperature of the water.

Remove the water from the heat and measure the temperature every 1 minute, until the beaker is cool to touch.


Be careful when handling the beaker of hot water. Do not touch the beaker with your hands, you will burn yourself.

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8 Comments on “Formal experiment 1: Heating and cooling curve of water

  1. when trying this experiment try using a hot plate a magnetic stirer to speed up the melting process. Also use a gas stove rather than a bunsen burner, experiment seem to flow better.


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  3. Thank you for sharing your experiment with all of us. We learned a lot from you today. It is nice to read a successful post like this. Your content is really helpful and informative. Please continue sharing your articles and blogs.

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