The block on a surface but with an applied force, FL, to the left of 10 N and an applied force, F R, to the right of 20 N. The weight and normal also have magnitudes of 10 N.

Chipa Thomas Maimela‘s insight:

It is important to keep the following in mind when you draw force diagrams:

Make your drawing large and clear.

You must use arrows and the direction of the arrow will show the direction of the force.

The length of the arrow will indicate the size of the force, in other words, the longer arrows in the diagram (FR for example) indicates a bigger force than a shorter arrow (FL). Arrows of the same length indicate forces of equal size (FN and Fg). Use “little lines” like in maths to show this.

Draw neat lines using a ruler. The arrows must touch the system or object.

All arrows must have labels. Use letters with a key on the side if you do not have enough space on your drawing.

The labels must indicate what is applying the force (the force of the car) on what the force is applied (on the trailer) and in which direction (to the right)

If the values of the forces are known, these values can be added to the diagram or key.

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