Resolving vectors into components and calculating resultant

GRADE 11 P2 MARCH 2020



Grade 11 questions


A 5 kg block, resting on a rough horizontal table, is connected by a light inextensible string passing over a light frictionless pulley to another block of mass 2 kg. The 2 kg block hangs vertically as shown in the diagram below

A force of 60 N is applied to the 5 kg block at an angle of 10o to the horizontal, causing the block to accelerate to the left.
The coefficient of kinetic friction between the 5 kg block and the surface of the table is 0,5. Ignore the effects of air friction.

1. Draw a labelled free-body diagram showing ALL the forces acting on the 5 kg block. (5)

2. Calculate the magnitude of the:

2.1. Vertical component of the 60 N force (2)
2.2.Horizontal component of the 60 N force (2)
2.3. State Newton’s Second Law of Motion in words. (2)

3. Calculate the magnitude of the:

3.1.Normal force acting on the 5 kg block (2)
3.2.Tension in the string connecting the two blocks (7)